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Our flavours


Cwtch Cake favourites:

- Vanilla
Classic fluffy sponge flavoured with vanilla seed, topped with whipped vanilla buttercream.
- Double Chocolate
Rich chocolate cake with milk and white chocolate chunks, topped with indulgent chocolate fudge icing.
- Carrot Cake
Super light carrot cake topped with tangy lemon buttercream and a dusting of cinnamon.
- Raspberries & White Chocolate
Light vanilla sponge with fresh raspberries and chunks of white chocolate, topped with swirls of raspberry and vanilla buttercream.
- Cookies & Cream
Crushed Oreo cookies in both the sponge and buttercream, topped with a mini cookie.
- Lemon
Light lemon sponge topped with our citrus buttercream. Dainty and delicious.
- Maple & Pecan
Moist maple syrup sponge with crushed pecans and a hint of zesty orange - topped with rich maple syrup buttercream.
- Cappuccino
Light coffee sponge topped with smooth coffee buttercream - dusted with chocolate and a mocha bean.

We're also always trying out new flavour combinations and have some "Special Guest" seasonal variations - keep an eye out for your favourite!